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We are Blaauw Kilns. For over 40 years we are producing kilns and dryers. We design and build according to your specifications and application. Your vision initiates our design process. Blaauw kilns are used in a wide range of industries, universities, schools, art centers, and studios. Our kiln control systems, afterburners and dryers are custom built to fulfill your needs without compromises.
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  Before we design a kiln, we work out the best solution together with you. Through intensive dialogue, we envision the equipment and how it will be implemented into your organization. A smart design offers many advantages for both short and long term.


Blaauw kilns designs to your specifications and optimizes to your requirements. For the arts, the best solution results in maximum user friendliness and efficiency. For business, we examine “total cost of ownership” to determine which solution is most economic and profitable for you.

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The entire kiln is built in our own factory in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where we have full control over the quality and logistics of the building process. Add our years of experience and craftsmanship, and you will understand why our kilns are of the highest quality.

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